VISION: to empower

  • people marginalized by society* to serve others.

*Marginalization results in an individual’s exclusion from meaningful participation in society. People are marginalized or pushed to the outer limits of society because of their financial status, education, ethnicity, disability, or age. The marginalized most likely have severe material deprivation in addition to being excluded from services, programs, and policies.

MISSION: to transform

  • volunteers who serve marginalized people, especially refugees

  • primarily refugees and displaced persons** and their families

  • communities and societies in which they live on a local, national, and global scale by helping primarily refugees and displaced persons learn to use English and other appropriate Life Skills.

**A refugee is a person forcibly displaced from his home and homeland by persecution or war with no hope of return. About 5,000 refugees from foreign nations are legally resettled in Arizona (local), and up to 75,000 in the rest of United States (national) each year. There are approximately 15 million in refugee camps awaiting resettlement (global). Another 30 million are designated as “displaced persons.” Their situation is similar to refugees in many ways, but they are still within the borders of their homeland (global) and are not eligible for resettlement.

GOALS: to inspire

1. People to experience renewed significance by altering the trajectories of their lives and volunteering to serve refugees by using their life experiences, skills, financial resources, and/or spiritual maturity to change lives.

2. Servant Instructors to train refugees in other Life Skills in each Center as appropriate to help them develop stronger family relationships, acclimate to American culture, achieve financial goals, advance their education, become U.S. citizens, and meet their spiritual needs.

3. Servant Encouragers to develop personal relationships with refugees while helping them learn to use English.

4. Refugee students to learn to speak, read, and write English using “Let’s Speak English” — a unique combination of computer and print programs assembled by Abounding Service that are supported by personal Encouragers.

5. Refugee students to serve their communities.

6. Participants in Abounding Service programs to take advantage of opportunities to respond to the love of their Creator God.

7. Staff, volunteers, and board members to carry out the Vision, Mission, and Goals described above locally, nationally, and globally.

8. Staff, Board Members, and Servants to raise adequate resources from individuals, foundations, businesses, and other like-minded organizations to achieve the above Goals.

For more information contact:

Gary De Velder
Executive Director
Abounding Service