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Refugees Need English

Provide a family real hope for $25

Imagine you have to run for your life, to be in real danger, leaving everything you have with only your children.

Imagine that there is a place where your family would be protected. It’s far away and seems impossible to actually go there. But what if somehow, someone could help you get there?

This is the reality for 25.4 million refugees around the world. The pain and fear they carry is very real. They have little to look forward to but the small slice of hope that they could be placed somewhere to start over and be safe for good.

For a small percentage of these families this hope brings them here. About 100,000 refugees have been placed in Arizona through the U.S. State Department with over 70,000 in Phoenix along the I-17 corridor between McDowell and Peoria.

Unfortunately, the hope they had in starting a new life here has been limited by basic employment, low income housing, no American friends, and no American community.

Their kids are placed in local schools where they start learning about the culture here, speaking English and making friends. But the parents do not have that opportunity. Somewhere down the road a split of some sort happens. The world the parents know and the world the kids know become two different things. They still live together, but they care about different things now.

So, what can we do about this? For us, the answer to this question is not political. It’s relational.

How do you build a relationship with someone who has gone through something like this, someone who doesn’t know our culture?

You teach them English.

For you and me, it’s what we know. But for a refugee, English is the answer to acceptance and progress. It is what begins the process of joining our cultures and sparks a relationship.

This is what we do. Every day. We watch English be the catalyst that takes a refugee family and turns them into our friends and the friends of others, changing lives.

Give refugees the ability to connect. It all starts with English.

We provide free English classes for refugees and supply all the needed materials, computers, and one-on-one volunteers.

Sign up today for $25 per month and you can change the entire trajectory of a family who has come to our country so they can start over and be safe for good.

Refugees Need English.

Provide a family real hope for $25 a month!