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Did you know?

After thorough vetting, the US resettles refugees based on vulnerability rather than their English ability. But when refugees arrive, they are legally mandated to become self-sufficient as quickly as possible (within months). How do we bridge that gap?

What can we do?

Give the over 70,000 refugees in Phoenix the ability to connect and contribute. In addition to self-sufficiency, English helps parents speak into their children’s lives who are immersed in American culture at school. A split in the family can appear when the parents get left behind.

Will you help?

We provide free English classes to refugees and supply all the needed materials, computers, and one-on-one volunteers. Abounding Service is entirely donation-based. Your gift helps refugees rebuild their lives through English!

Cost-free donation?

Donate to Abounding Service and directly reduce what you owe in AZ state taxes, dollar-for-dollar up to $800! We are now recognized by the Arizona Charitable Organization Tax Credit Program (Our QCO code is 21983).

You’ll have to send the check to the AZ Dept of Revenue, anyway. Or you can give up to $800 of that to provide free English classes for refugees (up to $400 filing single, $800 married)!

State taxes owed: $800
Donation to Abounding Service: $800
State taxes now owed: $0

It’s a remarkable donation program that helps refugees but really doesn’t cost you anything. Questions? Click here for information.