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Arizona Tax Credit

Reduce your AZ taxes owed by donating to Abounding Service

Did you know?

Your donation to Abounding Service is now eligible for your dollar-for-dollar Arizona tax credit!

The state of Arizona has a unique program that allows taxpayers to give a “tax credit” gift (any amount up to $400 for an individual and $800 for a married couple) to charities they’d like to support. This donation serves as dollar-for dollar credit applied to the taxpayers’ state tax liability.

As an example:
State taxes owed: $800
Donation to an eligible charity: $800
State taxes now owed: $0

So, your gift to Abounding Service can reduce what you owe in AZ taxes dollar-for-dollar!


How much can I give?

You can claim a dollar-for-dollar credit against your Arizona tax liability, up to $800 if married filing jointly and $400 if single filing.

What if I accidentally give too much?

Any excess credit can be carried forward for 5 years.

What's the deadline?

Just like an IRA, your contribution deadline is April 15th.

Can I give to the school tax credit as well?

Yes! There are four tax credit programs in Arizona, and you are allowed to claim as many as you’d like.

How does the AZ Dept. of Revenue know I made the donation?

Simply report as QCO Code 21983 on AZ Form 321 and submit with your AZ return. We will send your receipt to you for your files.

Where can I get more information about the tax credit?

Visit the Arizona Department of Revenue website or by calling Taxpayer Assistance at 602.255.3381 or 800.352.4090.

Reduce what you owe in AZ taxes, dollar-for-dollar, with your donation to Abounding Service!