What you do matters. Let me share what your gift will do!


• You will help refugee parents speak into the lives of their children who are making American friends, learning English in school, but growing apart. You will bridge the gap in their families.


• You will help refugees proudly volunteer to serve those in need, refugees and Americans alike!


• You will help refugees experience belonging while they nail the notoriously difficult citizenship test and interview — and swear the Oath of Allegiance as proud, new American citizens!


I hope this encourages you to be as generous as you can with your gift today!


Did you know? Thanks to the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, you can donate up to $841 to qualifying charities like Abounding Service and get it right back on your AZ tax return.


This way, you can help refugees at no extra cost to you. It's free and effective. Click here for more!


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What transforms as refugees volunteer to serve those in need?


Ageta Bui (Ethiopia) and Abounding Service are featured in the new textbook edition of Willard and Spackman’s Occupational Therapy!


Occupational therapists in the U.S. regard this textbook as so foundational, they refer to it as their “O.T. Bible!”


In the book, Dr. Bernard Austin Kigunda Muriithi, PhD, OTR/L clarifies how volunteerism is a recognized therapeutic modality in communities.


Dr. Muriithi: Abounding Service fills a critical role by empowering refugees in the larger Phoenix area through English language instruction, the key for integrating into the community and finding their place in the U.S.A.”

Yes! Abounding Service is a Verified Charity for donations on Venmo!

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Thank you! You are part of the team that’s making the world better.

You're changing the trajectory of entire refugee families. As a result, they’re able to connect with others and contribute with pride and dignity.

You are a blessing to many!