Now, with refugees' jobs on the line and tension increasing in families, the human touch of English is needed now more than ever!

We teach COVID-19-compliant English and citizenship to adult refugees over the phone (FaceTime, WhatsApp, etc) - changing the trajectory of entire families!

For only $25 a month, we can put a refugee on the path to learn English and give them hope for their future.


With COVID-19 changes, what is still true?

  • Abounding Service staff is still connecting refugees with volunteers, but now it's by phone with customized curriculum so refugees can improve, even in this storm.
  • Refugees need to be ready when the turnaround comes - ready for new, available jobs and opportunities requiring English in the near future ahead.
  • For those of us born in the U.S., our growing isolation at home is warmed by providing the human touch of English!


Here's a recent, awesome example of the human touch of English with Ranah (Iraq, left) & Emily Fourt (right)!

"Ranah and I met just two weeks ago and have already developed a sweet relationship over learning English and citizenship! Today, while doing a FaceTime test run, I asked her if this format would work in the future.

'It's good! Good idea!' Ranah exuberantly responded!

In this season of social distancing, we can still feel much closer than six feet away from our dear refugee friends through FaceTime English lessons. Let's stay at home and continue to love and serve these precious friends as they continue to grow and learn!

This is really great. I am even helping her learn to write with FaceTime. And I am learning we can develop a relationship, even over the phone. I like it!"

~Emily Fourt

Rana & Emily - email