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Here’s a free and effective way to easily help refugees at no extra cost to you!

The money you owe or had withdrawn for your 2024 AZ taxes? Yes... you can certainly let the state have it.

Or — You can help scholarship free English classes for refugees and get it all back on your AZ state taxes.

Thanks to the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, you can donate up to $841 to qualifying charities like Abounding Service and get it right back on your Arizona tax return.


Follow these three simple steps:

  1. Donate (up to $841 for couples filing jointly or $421 for singles) to Abounding Service on or before April 15, 2025. (Same day tax returns are due)
  2. Use your electronic or paper receipt as proof of donation when filing your 2024 Arizona state taxes.
  3. Claim the Arizona state tax credit when you file — and increase your refund or reduce what you owe by the exact amount you donated. (Use AZ Form 321. Our QCO code is 21983.)


You can also donate via Venmo or Zelle! Look for Abounding  Service, Inc. (with the phone 719-641-7049)

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Robert and Rose (Congo)
Robert and Rose (Congo)

We asked Robert Hawthorne, an accounting professional who served for years on the Abounding Service board of directors:

Robert, is this legitimate? "Yes! I made a donation to Abounding Service and I claimed the Arizona Tax Credit when I filed my personal income tax return."

"The Arizona Tax Credit reduced the amount of state taxes I owed by $400."

What is the credit? "It is a tax credit that reduces the amount of AZ state taxes you owe, dollar-for-dollar."

How does tax credit help refugees? "The credit is a free and effective way to use my power as a taxpayer to empower refugees — making it possible for them to receive free language instruction and citizenship prep classes."

"The credit is an investment into refugee families that equips them with the necessary tools to actively participate in society and help it flourish!"

Thank you! You are part of the team that’s making the world better.

You're changing the trajectory of entire refugee families. As a result, they’re able to connect with others and contribute with pride and dignity.

You are a blessing to many!